How to provide resilient vehicle positioning ?





Reliable real time positioning is critical for any degree of autonomous driving.


Today, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) already make use of relative positioning to lane markings or to nearby vehicles to correct any inadvertent steering wheel impulse.

But the underlying technology is not always available: if for some reason the lane markings are not distinguishable, or if weather conditions hinder accurate detection of nearby vehicles, the driver is left to his own devices.

The same goes for absolute positioning: the vehicle's exact position is provided by GNSS receivers. But what about tunnels or narrow city streets ? GNSS becomes erratic or even blind. The driver can temporarily pursue his journey without exact positioning on his screen.

What is true for ADAS systems is a fortiori relevant for upcoming self-driving cars.

We at SYSNAV develop resilient positioning technology so that under all circumstances, vehicles may be able to pursue the journey with maximum safety.

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Download our leaflet